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Badam Ki Kheer

Posted on: September 2, 2010

Number of persons this dish serves.Total servings: approx 10+
Number of Calories in dish.Calories: its high in calories !
Pre-Preparation time. For example marinating etc.Pre-Prep time:
Time it takes to prepare the dish.Preperation time: anywhere between 1hr to 2
On what occasion(s) this dish is suitable for..Occasion: Any
What international cuisine this dish belongs to.Cuisine: Not Sure
How much effort it takes to make this dish.Effort: Average
This dish is best suited for. For example Diabetes, Cholestrol reducing etc.Best for: All

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1 packet of peeled and slicked alomonds, 4 cups sugar ( more according to taste), elaichiClick to find more about elaichi to taste…
1 1/2 gallon of milk, saffron, whipped or fresh cream, food coloring ( if preferred)

set the milk out on the stove on mediumhigh heat. While the milk gets heated, in a blender grind the peeled almondsClick to find more about almonds with a little milk. Add the thick paste into the milk already on the stove. Add the sugar. leave it to cook for about 15 mins. After which you need to constantly stir to avoid forming any lumps. Keep stirring for about another 15 mins. Add the whipped cream or the fresh cream to the milk which at this time should seem and appear very creamy. Add the safron( which should have been dipped in a cup of milk and put aside to give out color, at the start of the process). Add elaichiClick to find more about elaichi as you keep stirring. The milk in the pot should be a little less than what you initially started off with because at this point it should be very smooth and creamy. Keep stirring for another 15 mins.( if you feel you are not getting the smooth and creamy feel, add on more almondsClick to find more about almonds grinded in a blender)You know its ready when it tastes very smooth, creamy, and almondy. Add kewra ( rose water) if you want. You can add food coloring if you want to give it a more yellowish color. Although the saffron should be sufficient to give the kheer a pale yellow color. Once finished transfer it into a dish and garnish with elaichi


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