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The secret to avoiding trans fat: Use olive oil for all cooking.

Posted on: June 20, 2010

Use trans fat-free margarine – soft tub or liquid margarine instead of
hard stick margarine. Generally, the softer the better and liquid is
better yet. A tablespoon of stick margarine has about 1.9 grams of
trans fat; a tablespoon of regular tub margarine, 0.8 grams. Check the
label for trans-free brands. All Promise margarine is trans fat-free
as are Fleishmann’s in tubs.
Also trans fat-free are all
Country Crock products
By government standards, trans-fat means
less than 0.5 grams per serving.

When eating out, avoid deep fried foods. A batter-dipped whole fried
onion – an appetizer popular at steak houses – has 18 grams of trans
fats, according to the Center for Science in the Public Interest.
Other trans fat horrors: cheese fries, onion rings, fried seafood and
fried chicken and fish.

Restrict foods made with “partially hydrogenated” oils as noted on
labels. The higher those words appear in the ingredient list, the more
trans fat. Half the fat of a cookie may be trans fat. A doughnut
contains four to nine grams of trans fat. If a label does not list
trans fat, add up what is listed (saturated, monounsaturated,
polyunsaturated) and subtract from the total fat grams. The difference
is trans fat
. Also, be sure your food is low in saturated fat, a
partner that brings on heart disease.


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